Practice Fee’s

Read Street Medical & Skin Centre is a private billing practice.

We offer bulk billing services only to aged pension card holders 65 years and older & children under 16 years old, with a valid Medicare card.

Standard appointments are scheduled for 10 minutes, if you require a longer appointment please make our reception staff aware at the time of booking.

Fee’s Schedule

Standard Consult (10 mins) – $75 with medicare rebate of 38.20

Long consult (20 minutes) – $135, with Medicare rebate of $73.95

Extended consult (30 minutes) – $175, with Medicare rebate of $107.15

Long extended consult (>40 mins) – $230, with a medicare rebate of $107.15

Skin checks – Fees as per consult time above depending on the length of time required to check all of your moles and address your concerns (e.g. Standard Consult $75, Long Consult $130 etc.). 

Travel consultations – $120 (not medicare rebatable)

Acupuncture – standard consult $80, with Medicare rebate of $38.20

Acupuncture – long consult $140, with Medicare rebate of $73.95


Work Cover and Motor Vehicle Insurance claims

Initial consultations for work cover or those covered by insurance will need to be paid by the patient at time of the consult, If confirmation of the claim number cannot be supplied.

For claims which have been confirmed as accepted along with a claim number will be invoiced directly.


All Non Government vaccinations and consumable items will have fee’s applied as appropriate.

The practice does not bulk bill patients seen on Saturdays.