Our Story

Read Street Medical & Skin Centre has been operating in Rockingham since 1979. Specialising in travel medicine, acupuncture, chronic conditions and complex care needs. In 2016 the current partner GP’s took over the reins and brought their interests of skin care and cancer treatments and women’s and children’s health focus’ to the practice.

The practice continues to support a well-established patient community, which we would like to see grow and see a new generation of the Rockingham community to be supported on their health journey and growing with us.

At Read Street Medical & Skin Centre we believe in being thorough and holistic in our approach. Our aim is to diagnose, treat and educate our patients of all ages, to improve and live their best lives. Read Street is a family medicine & skin cancer practice committed to providing good, quality healthcare to the families of Rockingham and its surrounding suburbs.

Enjoy the outdoors this Summer & be Sunsmart!
See your suncreen guide here.
Did you know we provide Travel Vaccines.
Some of the common vaccines recommend before travel are;
Whopping Cough / Tetanus
Polio / Hepatitis A & B
Yellow Fever ( Accredited Provider)
If you are Travelling and would like to discuss vaccination further, please call the centre and request a Travel Consult appointment with your GP.